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A Fine City.

Once reputed to have a pub for every day of the year and a church for every Sunday, Norwich has certainly changed a lot since then.
When Norwich is mentioned by people, it is often referred as a bit of a joke. Impressions of the TV character ‘Alan Partridge’ or Delia Smiths (drunken?) famous rant are bound to happen from someone; yet dance is something that would never be considered when you ask someone of their thoughts of Norwich.
However, (whilst not well known in the UK) Norwich had its very own dance legend. Vernon Castle, who with his wife Irene wowed audiences in Paris and all over America with their dances, gathered enormous crowds and a following which would eclipse even modern day celebrities. His memory still lives on in America, with a memorial and a street being named after him.

This Sunday, 28th April, is the third of the regional events for Can You Dance?, taking place at the SportsPark. This Sundays convention is looking like an incredible event. With dance tuition masterclasses by some excellent teachers; such as Cameron Ball, Joshua Base Pilmore, Ainsley Ricketts and Adam Scott. There will also be the opportunity for an American tap class run by CYD’s own Matt Flint as well as exciting competitions on the demonstration stage. All of this throughout the day before the unmissable main Showcase event starting in the afternoon.

For more tickets and information about this event please visit the Can You Dance? website at:


For Ash (our director) and myself,  the Norwich event feels like a bit of a homecoming event. We first met (several years ago) whilst both studying at the University of East Anglia and started into the world of media production shortly afterwards in Norwich.


For me personally, as an individual who grew up around Norwich it feels me with joy and excitement to see that Norwich has embraced dance, being able to shrug off the comedic joke image it has; this event is able to showcase some of the extreme talent that the east of England has to offer.

We are very pleased to announce that Dance Flix will be present at this CYD? event.


So if you have any questions about what we do or what we offer, if you’d like to chat about your dance school or just want to come and say “hi”. Please come and see us!



In the words of Delia – “Let’s be ‘avin ya’!



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