It is universally accepted that one of the most embarrassing things dads can do is to dance.

The term, known as ‘dad dancing’ is more often accompanied with comments like, “He has no rhythm,” or, “He can’t follow the steps.” Sometimes, the remarks are more hurting, “He looks like he is in pain,” or “Maybe he should take some dance lessons!” In most social dances there will always be someone who will dance very badly. And most of the time, that someone is somebody’s dad. 

But have you ever seen these dads dance the way they do, even if they really can’t dance? They are always smiling and having fun and if you watch them closely, you will be fascinated because you will know that they are actually having a wonderful time.

A dance floor, will always have different people sporting different styles and levels of dancing. But this does not mean they are bad. They are just the same as good dancers who are enjoying the moment. Perhaps if a person starts to take dancing seriously, they will definitely lose their ability to make fun of their mistakes. Particularly in social dancing, when this is all about people moving together and simply enjoying themselves. We are not required by law to dance the same way. As long as the rhythm of the music makes you sway your hips, there should be nothing to hold you back from enjoying and savouring the moment.

Would Elvis's dance moves be considered 'dad dancing'?

Dads are not bad dancers like most of us want to think. Dads simply do not need choreography to express their joy and pleasure over music. That is their own way of expressing pleasure in dancing. Dancing is something that is innate to us all, whether you are a child sliding on their knees at a disco or someone attempting the worm. Whether it is considered bad or good, some of us are gifted with the ability to move like a gazelle while some of us are not.

When dads are concerned, bad dancing is actually the best dancing because ‘dad dancing’ works effectively anywhere. Dancing without care, like most dads do, is enjoying the opportunity of letting loose, which is also a great feeling everybody can certainly enjoy.

Dancing in public nowadays is starting to become a social faux pas because of all the standards we have with regards to how a person should move. But if it means you can have the best time of your life even if you look weird doing it, we all should probably do “dad dancing.” We should all enjoy the joy of dancing and must not be restricted by the norms of the dancing world.

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