Why Dance Flix?

Well, other than the fact you have the option for us to pay you to film your Dance Show, we also strive to give you an amazing experience from start to finish. We deliver awesome show DVDs, Blu-Rays and Digital Downloads you will be proud of.

We will capture the magic of your show with top of the range camera equipment, professional sound recording kit and the expertise of our highly trained team.

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Here are a few more reasons you need to book your next show with Dance Flix.

Free Money

That’s right, free money. When hiring us to film your show (which is completely free!) you have the option to make commission on every sale of your show DVD, Blu-Ray or Digital Download. Treat yourself after all of your hard work, it’s on us!

Friendly Team

I’m sure you will get to meet some of our friendly and super professional team members. We all have loads of show experience and love making friends with sound engineers! Biscuits usually help to break the ice.

Online Booking System

We have made it as easy as possible for you to check date availability and book your show filming with us online. We want you to make better use of your time by taking away the stress and paperwork.

Online Shop

Dancers, and their families, can buy the show DVDs, Blu-Rays and Digital Downloads online and get it delivered directly to their door. It’s easy to search for your show in our online shop, and we’ve also made sure security is tight by partnering with PayPal to process all payments securely. Peace of mind and a great shopping experience for everyone.

Fully Licensed

Ultimate peace of mind for you, because all of our productions come with their own combined MCPS and PPL licences. The MCPS licence is issued on behalf of the Composers and Publishers, and enables us to record and dub their works (music score and lyrics). The PPL licence is for the dubbing of sound recordings onto videotapes, DVDs (and other physical media) of events.

Great Images + Super Sound

At least two cameras capture every performance, allowing us to edit between a wide shot of the entire stage, and a closer shot of the individual performers, whilst making sure everything is exposed correctly and in focus. Non of this auto-focus rubbish! Taking a feed from the sound desk, making sure microphones are placed on stage for tap numbers, and capturing the audience applause (because we know there will be loads of it!) are all important to us so we can create a rich sound mix in the edit.


By booking your show with us, you not only get to look super slick by having Dance Flix branded products for your Dance School, but we will also make sure to design your DVD and Blu-Ray cases with your show artwork and school logo in mind. Working with you is the key to get this right, and you will always get final say in the design we create for you.

Take Your Dance School To The Next Level!

Fed up with waiting forever?

Your show will be available in our online shop in 4-6 weeks!

Fed up with paper order forms?

And keeping track of payments? We have an easy-to-use online shop!

Fed up with poor customer service?

We have a super friendly team who are always happy to help.

Fed up of bad quality DVDs?

Ours are crystal clear and we don’t compress a 2 hour show on one DVD!

So if you’re ready to take your Dance School to the next level, stay ahead of your competition, and say goodbye to bad quality show DVDs, click the book now button below.