It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday, so in celebration of Mums everywhere, here’s a post dedicated to them. 

We have witnessed how much help and support they give us and this is not to mention the love they already gave us. Of course, mums are not exclusive to dance because they exist in almost all kinds of performances or activities.

Mothers do not just surrender control when it comes to their children. Often mothers also want to experience exactly how they imagined it for their kids. At dance shows, it is natural to hear one mother complaining about a costume that would not fit their child or why the staff didn’t give their child a bigger role.

Some parents may disagree that they are stage mums. Some would even try to rationalise things and make it appear that they are simply showing support for their kids. And while it is easy to fall into the category of a stage mum, there is also the line between being a positive resource to these kids and overwhelming them.

But no matter what, being there for their kids is what most parents, especially mothers, are good at. And no matter what other people say, dance mums will be dance mums whether they like it or not.

Here are some reasons dance mums are undeniably the best.

1. She will be your chauffeur

When you have a dance mum, expect that she will drive you everywhere. If you need a ride home from school and then off to the dance studio, mums are there to be your chauffeur no matter how tired they are from the day.

2. They are your personal alarm clocks

They will make sure you are on time. Since they are already your chauffeur, they will make sure you are never late for any practice or shows you are part of.

3. They will make sure you never get hungry

Dance mums understand the feeling of hunger during pre-rehearsals or during the actual performance. This is one of the reasons why they always bring snacks.

4. Dance mums are always prepared

Dance mums always seem to have everything with them. Need some costume adjustment? Need something to eat or drink? Don’t worry, your mum got this.

5. Mums are your confidant and will always fight for you

You can tell them almost everything especially when there is something serious bothering you. If you are having trouble at the dance studio or you are disappointed with the casting  Mums will always be there to listen and give their valuable advice and will always have your back no matter what.

6. They will always speak the truth

There are times when you simply need to hear it exactly how it is, even if it may upset you. Dance mums always know when to speak the truth.

7. They can give the confidence you need

When the nerves are starting to kick in especially before a dance competition, dance mums always know when to give a boost of confidence.

8. They will always be your biggest supporter

Dance mums will always support and love you no matter what and that is what makes them great. There is no drama, no fuss.

To Mums everywhere. You are the best. From the team at Dance Flix, we wish you all a very Happy Mother's Day.

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