Every dancer has someone they look up to!

It is definitely a good idea to have role models but the question is, how did they become so good at what they do?

Stop wondering because it is not magic. It is pure talent, hard work and so much more. Often dancers become great dancers because they do things differently. From auditions to dance shows, great dancers have their own routines they follow religiously.

Here are 7 things that great dancers do.

1. Great dancers do not just dance to impress

It is really obvious if a person is doing something just for a reaction. It is a given fact that dancing, as a form of art, has to evoke emotion. However, this art form was not created for that sole purpose. The most powerful and commanding art is in its true form. It emanates from a space of primal emotion that enables it to reach into a similar space in other people.

2. Great dancers are not easy to tell

They are not predictable because great dancers have the moves that can stir up the mind. It is very easy to spot good dancing with textures, technique and timing and other factors that can only please the eye. Great dancers can deliver something extraordinary from the ordinary and show things that the audience did not expect. And this is not just about the choreography but all the factors of dancing. From choice of music to being bold in choosing what they want to wear, great dancers are always ready to try on new concepts.

3. Great dancers continue to learn

Great dancers do not stop learning different ways on how to be great. They do not have fixed mindsets because it will only stunt their growth. In order to be great, one has to open themselves to learning in order to explore vast potential that can improve performance. Never stop being a student means you will be able to take constructive criticism and be inspired to transform into something great.

4. Be humble but confident

The difference between being conceited and confident is believing that all the audience is there to watch you instead of you watching yourself. Although it may sound preposterous, confidence can be the outcome of being humble. If you have the humility to work on yourself, it will also provide you with a sense of self awareness that nobody can ever change.

5. Take extra care of your body

The most valuable asset a dancer has is their body. Although it is our mind that helps us learn the steps, it is the body that transforms that idea into a choreographed move. All great dancers often train their bodies like athletes and while they are still prone to injury, it is not because of lack of precaution. Great dancers are clever in how they manage their recovery and are always in control of their physical self even when they are not dancing.

6. Know how to play

Dancing should not be as strict as a military regime. Unique choreography is basically out of the box ideas that are transformed into one of a kind dance routines. If you know how to play with your moves, then you are on the way to greatness.

7. Great dancers are committed

All things great need commitment. This is why great dancers commit themselves to their team, their choreography and their performance. As the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect”.

It is easy to be a good dancer but it takes extra effort to become great. With these tips you’ll soon be able to take your abilities to the next level. 

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