Dance shows are not easy events to organise!

Those who may not have the experience in organising one will never understand the effort and hard work put into perfecting every performance. The truth is, the world of dance nowadays is almost comparable to Olympic sports where dancers are not just mere performers but also dedicated athletes who commit themselves to cultivating their skills through passion, diligence, and sometimes pain. The same goes for dance show organisers as well because they also put in equal amount of efforts and sacrifice just to make it happen.

Below are some of the things about dance shows nobody told you about.

1. Participants are not born dancers

People tend to assume that dancing skills come easy with dance show participants. The same issue goes to people who think that specific skill sets are technically easy but they fail to see the huge amount of effort and years of training just to become the dancers they are today.

2. Dance shows are more than just a hobby

For both organisers and participants, dance shows are not a simple hobby to while away time! Organisers and participants spend huge amounts of time and creativity just to come up with a show that will engage the audience.

3. Dance shows are more than just a sequence of steps

People do not understand the sweat and energy spent in organising a show that will produce the wow moments in every performance and dance routine. In order for a dance show to push through, all elements must be in place and all relevant factors considered for the success of the event.

4. Dancing is storytelling 

Dance shows in general have many aspects to it, it’s like telling a story to a crowded audience and hoping they appreciate what they are seeing. Whether a dance show is a competition or an elaborate presentation and showcase of talent, the bottom line here is that every performance tells a story.

5. Determination is the key to success

Just like any event, you will certainly encounter a hurdle or two. When it comes to dance shows, producers and all other people involved need to persevere just to make the show happen.

6. Engaging the audience is terrifying 

Organising a dance show is not an easy task. From planning to execution, everything will be for nothing if the entire show failed to engage its audience.

Just like any other event, planning is key to organising a dance show.

7.  Creating an impressive show

Whether you are filming or putting on a live show, dance shows need to be more than remarkable. It has to be extraordinary. This dilemma is shared by the majority of dance show producers and organisers around the world.

8. Learning the value of trial and error

Even things that have been planned carefully still have the probability of not coming out perfectly. Dance shows often undergo trial and error so the people behind the event will know what will work and what will not.

9. Practice makes perfect

Dance shows that stand out from the crowd most likely have undergone some experimentation and long hours of practice just to make the routines perfect. The old saying, “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” is very much true in the case of dance shows.

10. Criticisms only makes the team stronger

Regardless of how good the dance show is, there will always criticisms to cope with. But by transforming these feedbacks into a positive force, this will help make future dance shows more entertaining and enjoyable.

The world of dance shows is not an easy domain to enter. But the determination and perseverance of all people involved will guarantee the audience with rousing entertainment they looked forward to.

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