That time of the year is here again when dreams, hopes and goals for the coming months start to make stir and inspire.

For dancers, it is common to have a pretty busy schedule. Although not all have the privilege to enjoy some down time, most dancers put in little goals they would like to achieve all throughout the year. A New Year’s resolution can be very satisfying especially when you are able to tick off each of your achievements along the way.

Here are some practical New Year’s resolutions for dancers and some tips on how to set and keep them.

1. Know when not to overdo it

After returning from your holiday break, try not to overdo it. When you come back to class, do not push through the abrupt onset of pain. Sprains and strains are the body’s way of telling you to rest. When you feel a sudden pain that has been persisting for days, do not just shrug it off. Tell your coach or dance instructor because this is the new you that takes care of your dance career and training responsibility.

2. Explore more dance

It is a new year and it is time for you to see more dance styles and different performances you are not familiar with. Do not get yourself caught in a dance training bubble. Maybe this is also the perfect year for you to see your dance idol performing live. Also, seeing what others are doing is also a form of support for the much larger dance community.

3. Don’t just focus on what you are already good at

This year is the perfect time for you to work on your bad side. Even if it can be quite tempting to practice the stuff you are already good at, this might result to a critical imbalance with your dancing technique. It’s essential to work both sides evenly. If your left leg is stronger, pretend you’re a righty and give that side the attention and training it deserves.

4. Eat the right food that best drives your body

Dancers who are hungry are also dancers who cannot focus which makes them more prone to injury and have difficulty in recovering. New Year brings in new opportunities and it is high time for you experiment with your meals. Start looking for the foods that can satisfy you both physically and emotionally, foodstuffs that can give you power and energy to get through your busy rehearsal schedule.

5. Control your tendency to find perfection in everything

A lot of dancers are goal oriented and driven. But this does not mean that you have to continue with your unhealthy perfectionism instead of learning the value of impartial self-criticism because it will not help you grow. Do not be so obsessed with perfection that you start to forget how to have fun with what you are doing. From time to time, let yourself loose and enjoy your dance class and you will be surprised how much easier it is to do the movement.

6. Be braver and defeat your stage fright

This year, say it loud and proud that you will no longer be paralyzed with your stage fright. This is relatively easy and all you have to do is to identify the level of fright you experience and take steps to correct it. Stage fright is normal and even professional dancers still have this bout once in a while. Do not let your fear restrict you from doing what you love, face it head on.

Fulfilling a New Year’s resolution is like completing your own bucket list, but most of all, you are given the opportunity to review your weakness as a dancer and find ways to overcome it.

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