10 Useful Tips from Dance Show Producers

With the growing popularity of dance competition and television series dance shows, more and more people are starting to choose to watch live dance performances instead of watching it on their sofas at home. Different kinds of dance shows are being produced from time to time under the management and guidance of dance instructors and dedicated dance show producers.

Here are some tips from dance show producers on how to successfully produce your own dance show.

1. Think of a show-stopping idea 

Before anything else, you need to first come up with a fantastic idea about the show you are planning. Dance is widely available now and this is not just a simple thing you only do for fun. Audiences have higher expectations and level of satisfaction and they are definitely looking forward to being entertained by performances. Whether you are planning to have a dance showdown or organise a contemporary dance performance, your idea of a show must stand out from the rest.

2. Look for an ideal venue

With hundreds of dance shows of all kinds taking place everywhere, you need to be more creative with your venue. A lot of dance shows gain their success from a theatre venue. But on the other hand, if your theme will not work with a traditional theatre, look for alternative locations that would still provide the same impact on your show.

3. Consider the size of the stage

If your dance show will require up to twenty dancers, you need to make sure that the stage and space will accommodate them. You also need to consider the area where dancers can change costumes without being hampered.

4. Consider the seating capacity of your venue 

Before booking a venue, you need to determine how many tickets you are planning to sell. If you are expecting to unload three hundred tickets, do not book a venue that has a six hundred seating capacity. There’s nothing wrong about aiming high but when it comes to dance shows, you need to be realistic.

The last thing you want at your show is empty seats.

5. Consider the venue facilities

If your dance show will involve complex and technical dance performances, you need to factor in a lighting operator and a sound technician. A lot of larger venues today have their own AV and lighting systems and they also have their own technician.

6. Introducing dance auditions 

In order for your dance show to be a show stopper, you need to have the best talents in town. Hosting dance auditions will help you find the right dance company to carry out your plans.

7. Designing your production elements

Organise the general look of your dance show and make sure that all costumes, props, lighting, and decorations are in harmony.

8. Choose the right music

Pick out the right music for each dance number. This has a huge influence on the overall movement quality and atmosphere.

9. Publicising your dance show

No matter how good your planned dance show, it will be nothing if you are not able to attract an audience. As a show producer, you have the task of promoting your show and making sure your target audience knows about your performance.

10. Refine your performance

Rehearsals usually take place in another venue so make sure that prior to the show, dancers must have rehearsed at least at the final performance venue.

So when you’re producing your show this year, we hope you can use some of these tips to take your show to the next level.

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