There is always a learning curve to everything and this includes dance show production!

Even the most veteran dance show producers make mistakes either during the planning stage or right when the show is about to go on. We can learn from our mistakes but why should we make one if we can avoid it in the first place?

Here are the top 5 mistakes usually made by dance show producers.

1. Creating outdated shows

We are in an age where live entertainment like dance shows create memories and enjoyment. Being relevant is one of the qualities of a good dance show production that makes it entertaining. If the dance show is outdated, it really does not speak to the audience. If the dance routines were awesome say five years ago, but isn’t at the moment, the overall quality of the dance show significantly goes down too.

2. Dance shows that are not suitable for kids

There is nothing much worse than a group of dissatisfied parents who have their kids with them to watch a dance show but it turns out the show is not appropriate for the children. It is important to come up with show content that is suitable for every demographic. With today’s entertainment industry spanning almost every demographic, you must expect that when you are marketing a show to adults, there would be parents that would  bring their children to watch the show.

3. Excessively interactive dance shows

In an effort to make a dance show more interactive, several producers and directors often engage the audience to be part of the show to the extent of letting them on the stage to take part in some dance routines. Regrettably, the dance show that is supposed to entertain everyone becomes more like a dance workshop instead of a production. Audience interactions such as this, particularly when it becomes over extended and only includes a limited number of participants from the audience, can quickly become repetitive and unexciting for the rest of the audience.

4. Lack of variety

Producing a dance show that lacks originality is one of the most common mistakes of dance show productions. Similarities and resemblance to original dance productions quickly becomes obvious especially when dance show performers are not professionals. It is very easy to spot that the dance choreography is not original and this tends to disappoint a lot of viewers. Variety should be present in all dance show productions whether it is on genre or number of acts and dance numbers.

5. Limited dance shows for adults

In contrast, dance show producers usually pay a lot of attention to dance productions designed for teens and kids and often overlook entertainment productions for adults. Although a lot of dance show productions usually claim to attract a multi-generational crowd, still, dance show productions must be able to cater to different generations.

As a producer, you have the freedom to be true to your vision and must have the courage to make your own choices. Although mistakes are part of our daily lives, it does not mean that we have to be bound by them on every presentation we make.

We hope that this post has helped you avoid falling into one of these mistakes and we wish you all the best on producing your next successful dance show!

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